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"It is simply the beauty of minimal design that results in the functionality of every space." - Jessica Wilkins


Growing up in the small town of Collingwood Ontario, Jess gained a great appreciation for nature, and the effects that ‘biophilic’ design can have on an individual’s well-being. Her passion for nature is one that has been rooted within her, and constantly considered within design solutions. Given that her mother, Jenn Wilkins is a contemporary abstract artist in Collingwood, her passion for art and creation was strongly supported in her upbringing. Her passion for design led Jess to graduate with an Honors Bachelor degree in Interior Design.

Throughout her degree, Jess was educated in many avenues of design. One of her preferred courses was human ergonomics, which led to the creation of Naked Designs. Naked Designs is a custom furniture company offering unique designs in Collingwood and the surrounding area. In addition to her passion for nature, Jess is also influenced by a quote from notable architect, Mies van der Rohes, which simply states “less is more,” - a constant template through which she models her pieces.

 Jess’s design style is depicted to be a blend of organic and industrial intention. She displays creativity and overall functionality in each and every piece, resulting in a finished product that is both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing.


A B O U T   J E S S   W I L K I N S 

Honors Degree Bachelor of Interior Design

London, Ontario


Allsteel - Excellence in Creative Interior Design Problem Solving Award (2017)

Interface - Best Thesis Project Award (2017)

Teknion - Excellence in Integration of Sustainable Design Practices Award (2017)

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