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Naked Designs creates fully customized furnishings, scroll down to see the process

the process

At Naked designs we pride our self of the concept that any design can be created to suit each and everyone's personality. Our furniture designs have evolved over time blurring the line between rustic furniture and contemporary furniture. Even those who like contemporary furniture appreciate the organic feel of real wood. You get a very unique look by combining thick organic natural slabs with modern bases. Our contemporary rustic furniture will work in a modern or urban setting where owners want to soften the rustic side.

Instead of searching endlessly for that perfect piece, why not design your own custom furniture, built exactly to suit your style, space and lifestyle needs? Naked Designs is unique in the fact that is it one of the few companies that offer clients the ability to visit the showroom for inspiration and then meet with the designer to discuss your project. 

Here’s how to get started and what to expect during the custom furniture design process.

  1. Take measurements of your room so you know what furniture dimensions will work in the space available.

  2. Next, choose a style that appeals to you.

  3. Now it’s time to focus on feel- material selection

  4. Now that you’ve decided on size, shape and upholstery, it’s time to focus on details.

  5. DONT WORRY if you have no idea where to start, at Naked Designs we offer a meet and greet with the designer where we can sit down and sketch until we get that dream design on paper

  6. Time to BUILD. The designer will give you a time-frame of which the piece will be complete

  7. Sit back Relax and enjoy your new custom one of a kind piece of furniture

The process


Minimal Lounger


The Minimal lounger is a modern design strongly influenced by the minimalist style. The sleek modern steel frame is paired with the plush white cushion giving softness to the overall design. This lounge chair would look great in both a modern setting as well as a acting as a statement piece in a rustic home.

Base & Cushion can be custom designed (colour & Fabric choice) to suit customer needs.

W28" x D28" x H28"

Angular Stool


The Angular Stool is a twist on the common industrial wood combination stool. This stool enhances user comfort with the stool top shape as well as usability as the stool can easily fit within any given space.

Modern Twist Bench


The Twisted Modern Coffee table is a unique twist on the classic coffee table. The steel base is designed to spark interest, while maintaining the simplicity of the design. The two inch live edge slab is finished & coated to enhance the natural grain within this one of a kind piece.


Art done by: Jenn Wilkins

Tables/ consoles

The Floating Slab Side Table


The Floating Slab Side Table was constructed with a strong influence of minimalist design. The two inch live edge slab pairs well with the 3/4" tempered glass divide, giving warmth to the piece though maintaining the modern feel of the design.